Top rated Flip It To Win It episodes by Todd Hill Los Gatos? Then it’s Mike and Manly versus Todd Hill Los Gatos and Michael for the San Jose home. Both teams believe they’re just a few cosmetic changes away from reselling this house for top dollar. And a discovery in the garage only fuels Todd Hill Los Gatos’s fire. Meanwhile, the Sunnyvale home incites a bidding war between Beau and Josh, who are intrigued by its country setting, which comes with a few surprises of its own. Buying homes at auction means taking big risks on properties that aren’t always what they seem from the outside. Check out the next episode of Flip it to Win it to find out the rest of the story. See extra information on

Meanwhile, the three-bedroom San Jose home is in Josh’s favorite neighborhood, which means a war on the auction steps when Todd and Michael try to walk away with it instead. And thanks to the low starting bid for the fixer-upper ranch, both Dom and Krista and their rivals Greg and Beau will be battling it out to score the best deal. Once the auction’s over the real work begins as the winning teams uncover the true state of their properties, and then do the necessary work to flip the homes for what each team hopes will be a killer profit. Little do they know, they’ll face surprises at every turn.

Best Flip It To Win It episodes with Todd Hill Los Gatos? Todd and Michael also plan to bid on it, though Michael’s worried it may be a hoarder house, with tons of needed clean up. Over in Los Gatos, Mike and Manly are considering a 3-bedroom townhouse, but when Rick and Vinny tour the backyard, they have a shocking encounter that has them running for cover. The action packed morning is just the beginning- once the auction starts the real action begins! Tune in to see who wins big, and who runs away screaming on the next Flip It To Win It.

It’s auction day and the teams hustle to scout three houses on the auction block. In desirable downtown Los Gatos, a Victorian 2 bedroom has sparked Todd and Michael’s attention thanks to its location and well kept exterior. Rick and Vinny are also intrigued by this property’s potential, and think the home seems perfect from the outside. Just north in Santa Clara, Mike and Manly scope out a 3 bedroom house that has them intrigued, but the overgrown landscaping has them worried the inside could be rough.

Best rated Flip It To Win It episodes with Todd Hill? Mike and Manly also want to bid on this property because they think it’s a quick flip in a great neighborhood. Nearby in Sunnyvale, Krista and Dom are excited about a 2 bedroom condo because Dom has inside information on it from a friend who lives in the complex. Mike and Manly are also interested and are ready to bid site unseen. Who will walk away a winner, and who will walk into a wreck? Find out on the next Flip It To Win It!